Bonne année sms, message, texte pour les amoureux, petit ami, petite amie 2021

Are you in love with someone and looking for the new year SMS, messages or wishes 2021 for Boyfriend or Girlfriend and new year wording for your LOVER!. Well don’t worry we have the best new year messages for Boyfriend or Girlfriend. Our collection give you the opportunity to pen down your deep feeling in the most effectual way. Message used to express the beautiful emotions you have deep in your heart. Almost every girl have boyfriend and some have one and have countless. If you have some special feeling for  a man who touched your life to give it a new meaning then you may be in true love. No matter what kind of feeling you want to express, we have lots of message and we are sure that will find a new year sms message wishes 2021 to put your deep feeling in front of your lover.

Happy new year message can be sent to all the people in your life. You can use them to send your friends and family to colleagues and the boss. The year 2020 is about to end and the new year is at our doorstep. We all hope that new year brings in a lot of hope and good wishes. Message wishes express your deepest feelings for someone you love. With our message collection you can set the tone of your feelings to funny, passionate or emotive.

New Year Messages For Lovers, Boyfriend

New year 2021 message are the best to know for what will turn the romance button on for your man. We have most used charming new year messages collection for your boyfriend that would surely make him feel special and cared for. Have a look on these new year message, these will strengthen the bonds of love.

  1. Having you in my life assures me that I have someone to depend upon and call up in times of need. As this year comes to an end, we see another year settling into our lives giving us another chance to be there for each other. Happy New Year!
  2. Here’s wishing a very Happy New Year to the man who has never questioned my beliefs, never doubted my abilities and never ignored my love.
  3. Distance might be keeping us apart but our hearts are together. Happy New Year to the joy of my life!
  4. Seasons change; years come and go
    But my love for you never stops to grow.
    For your love has made my life bright
    And I love to celebrate New Year
    With my man on my side.
  5. As the New Year approaches, let us seal our love with a kiss and vow to keep holding each other’s hands while celebrating advent of many more January 1-s in our life.
  6. This New Year I pray that we get to spend more and more time together to make wonderful memories to cherish as we walk the journey of life inked by the heart.
  7. This New Year my wish for you is for days that are hassle free, of mind that is burden free and love that is condition free.
  8. This New Year let us celebrate our strengths, cherish our bond, recognize our weakness so that we can proudly claim that our hearts truly beat as one.
  9. Like the moon, stars and the sun in the sky, may our love keep on shining always – this is my only wish this New Year for both of us.
  10. This New Year let us share our dreams and make our lives blissful for it can be nothing short of that when I start the year with the man of my dreams by my side.
  11. May the New Year bless our relationship with more sharing and caring and erase every iota of misunderstanding from our lives.
  12. Cheers to the New Year 2021 my love, which will hopefully be full of good luck and happiness. Happy New Year to the most beautiful heart in the World!
  13. May we discover the simple pleasures of life together this New Year and learn to be happy with whatever life brings in our way.
  14. This New Year I feel blessed to have you as my boyfriend for you have shown me what a miracle true love is and how the Midas touch can change a life forever.
  15. Years come and go, but this year I particularly wish you double the dose of health and happiness topped with a whole lot of love. Happy New Year!
  16. Thoughts of sharing another brand New Year with you fill my heart with joy and excitement.
  17. This New Year I want you to know that I have prayed for your life to be filled with the same happiness and pleasure that your presence brings into my life.
  18. I wanted to stop all my negative propensities for the up and coming year; however then I understood that no one enjoys a loser.
  19. May this New Year strengthen the bonds of our love to match the strength of the shoulders I lean on for support.
  20. The New Year is the perfect time to unfold new horizons and realizing all dreams. Rediscover the strength and courage that lies within you and continue to move forward.

New Year For Girlfriend- Messages, SMS, Wishes 2021

Our below collection is for the boys who want the best new year 2021 messages or wishes for their girlfriend or lovers. We just wanna clarify that its not necessary that these messages can only be used my boys, anyone can use these, the collection is for lovers. If you find any message that include the words that are directly linked to girl in that case just change the word.

Happy 2021 messages, sms, wishes for Girlfriend and Boyfrind convey the special feelings between two body and one soul. They can take your heart’s new year feeling to the one you love. Most of people claim to have true love, but in my experience there are hardly one in millions couple who are connected by true love with each other. If you are in true love then forget the word ‘cheating’ and remember that a true lover’s heart always beat for only one person in this world.

So make your love feel special with help our new year 2021 collection for lovers. This collection is specially to wish to a girl in your life. She is a touch of sweetness in your life, a breath of fresh air, a glow like the moonbeams. Have a look at our new year sms wishes messages 2021 for girlfriend special.

  1. This New Year I wish that each of your day is as bright as the glow in your eyes, as beautiful as the smile on your lips, and as loving as the heart you possess.
  2. Let us light this candle and pray that our relationship will grow stronger with Christ as our center. Let us celebrate New Year!
  3. Cheers to another year we have spent together, cheers to another year we will spend together. Happy New Year!
  4. This New Year I would always want you to be beside me for simply seeing you makes my days seem happier and brighter, talking to you makes my heart lighter, and holding your hands make me feel stronger.
  5. It is fun to live a life with you. Celebrating New Year is always special because I know that we have another 365 days to be together. I love you and Happy New Year!
  6. This year has been the best of my life because I have the heart of the most beautiful woman of the world and now I’m really happy. I want that the next year be full of happiness and love for both of us. I love you much my life.
  7. I know I am not the easiest person to love, but you managed to handle me on my worst. I will never let go of you. Happy New Year to u!
  8. I hate to see you beside me because I want to have you here in my arms instead. To cuddle and kiss you as we say goodbye for the old year and bid hello to the New Year.
  9. Your love is everything for me Your love is so pure, On this holy time I would Love to get allured By your beauty, my sweetheart Keep Smiling and Happy New Year!
  10. This New Year I cannot promise to ward off all the woes that life may send your way. But I promise to be by your side always and share them all with you.
  11. Happy and prosperous New Year wishes for my girlfriend. I express my undulating love for you this year beginning with this text and hope you share the same love with me forever.
  12. A candle may melt and its fire may cease, but my love and passion will always be burning steady for you — New Year and always.
  13. Some People Have Fine Eyes, Some Have Nice Smiles And Others Have Nice Face. But U Have All Of Them With A Nice Heart. Wish U A Happy New Year With Whole Heart.
  14. Through the times, I waited for this day to express my unbridled love for you and this New Year beginning seems to be a perfect one to show my feelings. I wish you a happy and prosperous new year my love.
  15. My Lips Desire To Kiss You, My Eyes Desire To See You, My Hands Desire To Touch You, Every Part Of Me Desires You, Perhaps Because I Was Created Just For You! Wish U A Happy New Year Darling.
  16. Your love has made each day of my life a magical one. So, as New Year commences, my humble tribute to you are the three magic words – I love you.
  17. I met love, health, peace and joy, They needed a permanent place to stay for Year. I gave them ur address hope they arrived safely. Happy New Year!
  18. Happy New Year wishes for my dear girlfriend. Our love has transcended all boundaries and stood strong all these times and I hope this year too it turns out more lovely and happier.
  19. They say what happens on the New Year day, recurs all through the year. All I wish is to start the New Year in your arms and seal it with a kiss.
  20. Let’s burst into the New Year together! Jump with both feet, holding hands — like we’ve done since I met you. Happy New Year to my exciting partner in crime!
  21. You are God’s gift to me. In fact, you are the favorite among the many gifts I had. I am grateful that you are still with me as we welcome the New Year to come.
  22. This New Year, I only have one wish. I wish that I will be able to make you happy for the rest of my life. Happy New Year, honey.
  23. Life is very short so break silly rules, forgive quickly, believe slowly, Love truly, Laugh loudly & Never avoid anything that makes you smile, Happy New Year.
  24. You have made me so happy. You did that when you promised to spend the rest of your life with me. Happy New Year.
  25. My New Year will be brighter and happier since you hold the key to my heart, and I know you’d always handle your belonging with care.
  26. You filled up the chapters of life at this year with pages of love and hope you continue doing the same in upcoming new year. I love you!
  27. Careness of your lips, the fragrance of your breath, the warmth of your embrace, being with you, feel like a dream I love you! Happy new year!
  28. This New Year I simply have my heart as a gift for you which I have wrapped with fiery red passion and tied with glittery pearls of emotions – they are very fragile, so handle with care.
  29. My Dear Girlfriend, I Would Like To Kiss You On December 31st From 11:59 Pm To 12:01 Am, So I Can Boast An Immense Ending of this year & Boast An Amazing Start For The New Year. Wish U A Happy New Year!!!
  30. I love you more today than I did in the years gone by, but not as much as I will in the years ahead. Happy New Year!
  31. This New Year I wish to be the smile on your lips, the wind in your hair, the twinkle in your eyes – I just want you to keep me close.
  32. Starting this day, I will no longer be the same person that you’ve been with during the past years. I promise to change for the better so that I can let you feel loved more and more each day of this New Year!
  33. This year has been wonderful and all because of your love and company and I’m sure that the next year will be more awesome. Congratulations in this new year my princess.
  34. You are my world You may hear nothing from me that how I appreciate you but beyond that Silence your Pressence creates a beautiful sound in my Heart, Happy New Year!
  35. You fill up my heart with feelings I had never known before. I want your New Year to be just as special as you are.

Simple New Yew SMS for all.

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